3 questions 4/24/15

1. What have you completed recently? I have done another timed writing in AP English and completed a test of Wuthering Heights. I also finsihed a test over the respiratory system and over the urinary system. I have completed a review packet for AP Government and finished a cultural comparison in German 4. 2. What […]

Three questions 4/10/15

what have you done recently? Recently I have finished up the novel wuthering heights for English and have taken a test on it. I also started the novel heart of darkness, which based on the title sounds like it could double as my memoir. I have also finished up several assignments for AP Gov and […]

3 Questions 3/27/15

1. What have you done recently? Well, it’s been spring break so I’ve done the same thing i do every break: nothing. 2. What have you learned recently? Once again, spring break: nothing. 3. What are you planning on doing next? Haven’t thought that far ahead, still on spring break.

Three questions 3/15/14

1. What have you done recently? Recently, I presented on Woodrow Wilson in government. I also completed several projects in English and did a blood typing lab. Finally, I went to another tennis tournament. 2. What have you learned recently? I learned that my blood type is O positive. I also learned about the blood […]

Three questions 2/27/15

1. What tasks have you completed recently? Recently, i have gone to two tennis tournaments. I have also completed two timed writings in AP Literature. I have finished a glog and an exam for anatomy. I have written a paper about Woodrow Wilson for AP Government and read more Crime and Punishment. 2. What have […]

Three questions 2/13/15

What have you done recently? I have completed a timed writing in April English. I ( and Kelli) also made some AMAZING literary Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates! I also started a poster on president Woodrow Wilson in ap government! I have also continued to read wuthering heights and crime and punishment! Finally, I […]

Three questions 1/30/15

1. What tasks have you completed recently? Recently, I have begun reading both Wuthering Heights and Crime and Punishment. I have also finished several blogs for anatomy. I have also started Symphony Orchestra again this year, and tennis practices have just begun. 2. What have you learned recently? I have learned that Crime and Punishment […]