3 questions 4/24/15

1. What have you completed recently?

I have done another timed writing in AP English and completed a test of Wuthering Heights. I also finsihed a test over the respiratory system and over the urinary system. I have completed a review packet for AP Government and finished a cultural comparison in German 4.

2. What have you learned recently?

I have learned that i am utterly unprepared for probably every single one of my end of course exams, and for graduation, and for college…and for life. Nah, but i have learned how the respiratory system works and that Joseph Conrad doesn’t really like people to know what he’s talking about…ever.

3.  What are you planning on doing next?

Well, my schedules looking pretty busy but if i have the time I’ll probably squeeze in a mental breakdown. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahah just kidding. ha. Other than that i’ll try to learn a years worth of AP Government in two weeks, and continue preparing for my AP English test. I’ll also have to take the EOCs for all of my classes this next week since I’ll be gone for Tennis. Thanks Obama.


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