Three questions 4/10/15

what have you done recently?

Recently I have finished up the novel wuthering heights for English and have taken a test on it. I also started the novel heart of darkness, which based on the title sounds like it could double as my memoir. I have also finished up several assignments for AP Gov and am STILL reading crime and punishment. I also went to the state orchestra competition this past weekend!

What have you learned recently?

I learned that I am no more prepared for school after a 4 day weekend than after a normal one. I also learned how the respiratory system works and learned cultural differences between the United States and Germany.

What are you planning on doing next?

Next I am going to play at the orchestras large group performance on Tuesday evening. I also have a tennis dual this weekend against Gadsden and I’m going to prom! I also need to study for the ap gov and English test but you know… Priorities. 


I know this blog is SUPER late but I totally forgot about it this weekend since I was in Albuquerque for state, but to make it up please enjoy these anatomy jokes!

What happened to the cannibal who was late for dinner? 

They gave her the cold shoulder.

Why did the person fail the cadaver lab?

She just couldn’t cut it.

I can see that these jokes are cornea. Aorta think of some new ones. I just want Tibia a little more humerus. I hope you’re laughing or else all these jokes will have been in vein and I don’t want to waist my time. 

Aright I’m done.



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