Neuron structure

Athletes often drink energy drinks in order to keep healthy and in top condition.  When athletes sweat, they lose electrolytes. Electrolytes are ions with an electrical charge that control cell membrane stability and carry electrical charges for muscle contractions caused by nerve impulses. Without a proper electrolyte balance, muscle cells struggle to do their job. This can lead to muscle cramps. If electrolyte depletion is prolonged it can lead to muscle strains or pulls. Overall, your body needs ions for energy, and sports drinks replenish these ions, thus, giving you more energy.

Common sports drinks

Common sports drinks

The sciatic nerve is the longest neuron in the human body. It begins near the lumbar and sacral plexuses where the nerve roots exit the spinal cord, and continues through the buttocks, down the leg and into the feet. In its largest spot, it is about as big around as a man’s thumb.


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