These guys, Those guys… again

For this mini lab we combined different liquids and powders in order to find the amount of gas produced in the reaction. For the first combination we used Vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate. The formula for this equation is NaHCO3+HC2H2O2=CO2+H20+NaC2H3O2. In this formula the Solid is the NaHCO3 and the gas is the CO2. First, I found the molar mass of each of these by looking at their atomic weight on the periodic table. NaHCO3 is 84.01g. CO2 is 44.01g. Then I set this up as 44.01/84.01 because this is how much gas there is by how much solid. The mass relationship would be the same for every chemical reaction in the sense that it would always be the amount of gas produced over the amount of solid (because the amount of gas depends on the solid). But with each experiment you would have different reactants, so naturally the molar mass of the reactants would change, because their could be totally different elements involved.  For example, in our second experiment the formula for the experiment was Na2CO3+2HC2H3O2=CO2+h2O+2NaC2H3O2. So the mass of the solid is 105.98, but it would still be set up as 44.01/105.98 because it still is the amount of gas per the amount of solid. There is also a molar relationship in this reaction.  In the first experiment  44.01g of CO2 = 1 mole of CO2. 84.01g of NaHCO3 = 1 mole of NaHCO3.  So the molar relationship is 1:1. For our last experiment, we had to balance the equation. The balanced equation of our last experiment was 2NaHCO3+H2SO4=2CO2+2H2O+Na2SO4. In order to balance it we had to place a coefficient of 2 in front of NaHCO3 and CO2.  This makes a 2:2 mole ratio. The mole ratio may not always be the same for every equation, but their will always be a mole ratio for each compound.








The data from this lab was:

Small beaker                                                                                Large Beaker

Before powder- 51.25g                                                                Before liquid-76.03g

With Powder-52.06g                                                                    With Powder-139.38g

After experiment-51.25g                                                              After experiment-139.81g



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