Aluminum Foil

ImageHave you ever wondered “how thick is aluminum foil?”. Of course you haven’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway. To begin my experiment I cut a 10 inch by 10 inch sheet of aluminum foil. Well, I had wanted it to be 10 by 10, but it ended up being 9.98 cm long and 9.81 cm wide. The mass of this sheet was 0.470 grams. Now comes the hard part. In order to find the volume I took 0.470g divided by divided by 2.7g ( the density of aluminum). So the volume of the sheet was .174cm^3.To find the area of the sheet I did length times width. 9.98 times 9.81= 97.9038cm^2. Now the only missing piece is finding the height. I did .174cm^3 divided by 97.904cm^2 times 97.904cm^2 divided by 97.904 cm^2. So the piece of aluminum foil was…wait for it….00141cm thick! These results are reliable because I did all of the math correctly(hopefully).


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