New wonder and ancient art

What in the world do Samurai Swords and Silk from the Bombys mori worm have in common? Well, they are both marvels of science. Samurai Swords are made from taking different types of steel and welding them together in a furnace nonstop for three to four days. In the end, the sword is a incredibly dangerous weapon, capable of cutting Bamboo in half in one stroke. Somehow, people hundreds of years ago were able to make one of the best crafted weapons of all time.  Making the silk is slightly easier, since the proteins in silk self assemble, so the only thing you have to do is basically wait and then detach the silk when it’s ready. When finished, the silk can make environmentally friendly cups, make nuts and bolts that work underwater, replace veins, and even replace full bones. Both the Samurai Sword and the Silk take a long time to make, and require substantial amounts of patience, but they both have incredible outcomes. They both show that science isn’t always about looking to discover something new, sometimes it’s about inspecting what you already have. If scientists had just assumed that they knew all there was to know about the swords and silk, then we wouldn’t have been able to discover all of their seemingly endless potential.


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