3 questions 1/24/14

What tasks have you completed recently?

Recently I have completed an experiment where you have to separate a mixture containing ammonium chloride, salt, and sand. To do this I had to know each of their own unique properties in order to know how to extract them. I really enjoyed learning about this because I fell like it will be very important for upcoming labs and assignments in chemistry.

What have you learned recently?

Even though we have only been in school for 2 weeks, I already feel like I have learned enough to have been here for a month. I have learned what physical and chemical changes of substances are and what physical and chemical properties of substances are. I also have learned what heterogenous mixtures, homogenous mixtures, pure substances, compounds, and elements are, and how to determine which one of these your substance is. The final thing I learned, (and perhaps the most important) is lab safety rules, such as wear your safety mask and close toes shoes.

What are you planning on doing next?

Well, I finally feel like I have at least a small grasp of what’s going on in class, so I hope we continue going over chemical and physical properties and changes, and go into more depth about why they are important. But… since we probably will move on, I hope we go over the periodic table because I have always found that quite interesting.


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