White Powder Lab

For this lab we used the ingredients Baking Soda, Baking Powder, and Cornstarch. To the eye one cannot tell these three apart from each other.  So we decided to see how each of these chemicals would reaIMG_1557[1]ct with Iodine, Vinegar, and Water. We added 3 drops of each liquid to each powder once. When we added water to Baking Soda and Water to Cornstarch, they both just slowly dissolved. Water added to Baking Powder made the solution foam. We then added Vinegar to Baking Powder and half of  the solution foamed, and half of the solution dissolved. Vinegar with Cornstarch dissolved very slowly, and Vinegar with Baking Soda foamed immediately. Next, Baking Soda with Iodine make the solution be yellow(the color of Iodine) and dissolved most of the solution. Iodine mixed with Baking Powder made the solution turn dark brown and foamed at the beginning. Finally, Iodine with Cornstarch turned the solution dark brown and dissolved eventually. If I was shown one of the powders as an unknown I would be able to identify it by seeing how it reacts with Water, Vinegar or Iodine. So, for example if I tested them with Iodine, I would know that the solution is Baking Soda if the mixture is  yellow. I would know it was Baking Powder if the solution turned dark brown and foamed, and I would know if it was Cornstarch if the solution turned dark brown and dissolved.


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